LCAA Art Project: Elements
Earth, Air, Water, & Fire

June 11 - July 13, 2023


# W-1 - # W-30
Price: $55 each. $100 for two.
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'Untitled Water #1', oil by Bob Grobengieser

“Untitled Water #1"

W1 Bob Grobengieser  - Oil

'Sunrise Outer Banks', watercolor by Jeffrey McCredie

“Sunrise Outer Banks”

W2 Jeffrey McCredie  - Watercolor

'Tropical Fountain', ceramic by Donna L. Hartman

“Tropical Fountain”

W3 Donna L. Hartman  - Ceramic

'Watercolor Brush', watercolor by Beverley Felter

“Watercolor Brush”

W4 Beverley Felter  - Watercolor

'Untitled Water #2', oil by Bob Grobengieser

“Untitled Water #2”

W5 Bob Grobengieser -Untitled Water #2 - Oil

'Two Fountains', pastel by Henrietta Holton Thomas

“Two Fountains”

W6 Henrietta Holton Thomas  - Pastel

'Quiet Cove', watercolor by Beverley Felter

“Quiet Cove”

W7 Beverley Felter  - Watercolor

'Beach', pastel by Henrietta Holton Thomas


W8 Henrietta Holton Thomas  - Pastel

'Millstream', watercolor by Carol H. Dale


W9 Carol H. Dale  - Watercolor

'Mighty Oak', watercolor by Jan Deegan

“Mighty Oak”

W10 Jan Deegan  - Watercolor. SOLD
Water - 1st Place

'Ripples at Sunset', watercolor by Brenda Blank

“Ripples at Sunset”

W11 Brenda Blank  - Watercolor. SOLD

'On the River', oil on panel by Carol Herr

“On the River"

W12 Carol Herr  - Oil on Panel

'By the River', watercolor by Carol H. Dale

“By the River”

W13 Carol H. Dale  - Watercolor

'House in the Reeds', digital photography by Kristin Fortna

“House in the Reeds”

W14 Kristin Fortna  - Digital Photography. SOLD

'Flotford Mill', watercolor by Lesley Harbold

“Flotford Mill”

W15 Lesley Harbold  - Watercolor. SOLD

'To the Lake', pastel by Dot Stepenaski

“To the Lake”

W16 Dot Stepenaski  - Pastel

'Slippery When Wet', photography by Paul Gross

“Slippery When Wet”

W17 Paul Gross  - Photography

'Reflections', watercolor by Beverley Felter


W18 Beverley Felter  - Watercolor
Water - 2nd Place

'Crashing Wave', watercolor by Jerry Brown

“Crashing Wave”

W19 Jerry Brown  - Watercolor

'Moonlight Over the Ocean', watercolor by Jeffrey McCredie

“Moonlight Over the Ocean”

W20 Jeffrey McCredie - watercolor

'Sunset', mixed media by Judy W. Smith


W21 Judy W. Smith  - Mixed Media
Water - Honorable Mention

'Beach Day', acrylic by Anita Gordon Palmer

“Beach Day”

W22 Anita Gordon Palmer  - Acrylic

'Lakeside', oil on panel by Carol Herr


W23 Carol Herr  - Oil on Panel. SOLD

'Enjoy More', photography by G. Robert Wagner

“Enjoy More”

W24 G. Robert Wagner  - Photography

'Buoyancy', digital art by Sherrell Carter

“Buoyancy “

W25 Sherrell Carter  - Digital Art

'Small Fountain', pastel by Henrietta Holton Thomas

“Small Fountain”

W26 Henrietta Holton Thomas  - Pastel

'Muddy Run', watercolor by Lesley Harbold

“Muddy Run”

W27 Lesley Harbold  - Watercolor. SOLD.

'Deep Blue Sea', watercolor by Elaine Goodman

“Deep Blue Sea”

W28 Elaine Goodman  - Watercolor

'Floating Alone', watercolor by Victor Capecci

“Floating Alone “

W29 Victor Capecce  - Watercolor

'Gazebo with Swan', watercolor by Tony Bonazzi

“Gazebo with Swan”

W30 Tony Bonazzi  - Watercolor. SOLD.
Water - 3rd Place


# F-1 - # F- 18

'Fire and Ice', pastel by Henrietta Holton Thomas

“Fire and Ice”

F1 Henrietta HoltonThomas  - Pastel

'Bonfire', pastel by Henrietta Holton Thomas


F2 Henrietta Holton-Thomas  - Pastel

'Internal', pastel by Dot Stepenaski


F3 Dot Stepenaski  - Pastel. SOLD
Fire - 2nd Place

'Let's Celebrate', acrylic by Catherine J. Herbert

“Let”s Celebrate”

F4 Catherine J. Herbert  - Acrylic

'Autumn Fire', oil on paper by Carol Herr

“Autumn Fire"

F5 Carol Herr  - Oil on Paper

'Burning the Forest', pastel by Henrietta Holton Thomas

“Burning the Forest”

F6 Henrietta Holton-Thomas - Pastel

'Pumpkin Glow', pastel by Dot Stepenaski

“Pumpkin Glow”

F7 Dot Stepenaski  - Pastel. SOLD

'Fireflies', watercolor by Jeffrey McCredie


F8 Jeffrey McCredie  - Watercolor

'Winter's Fire Study', oil on paper by Carol Herr

"Winter’s Fire Study"

F9 Carol Herr  - Oil on Paper

'Flames', digital photography by Kristin Fortna


F10 Kristin Fortna  - Digital Photography

'Campfire Light', watercolor by Brenda Blank

“Campfire Light”

F11 Brenda Blank  - Watercolor. SOLD
Fire - 1st Place

'Orange Flowers', pastel by Dot Stepenaski

“Orange Flowers”

F12 Dot Stepenaski  - Pastel. SOLD

'Afternoon Light', oil by Carolyn Sands

“Afternoon Light”

F13 Carolyn Sands  - Oil
Fire - 3rd Place

'Sunrise Commute', watercolor by Jerry Brown

“Sunrise Commute”

F14 Jerry Brown  - Watercolor
Fire - Honorable Mention

'Heron Fire', watercolor by Charmaine Gaudet

“Heron Fire”

F15 Charmaine Gaudet  - Watercolor. SOLD.

'Warm Feet', acrylic by Anita Gordon Palmer

“Warm Feet”

F16 Anita Gordon Palmer  - Acrylic

'Untitled Fire', oil by Bob Grobengieser

“Untitled Fire”

F17 Bob Grobengieser  - Oil

'Sunset No. 4', photography by Paul Gross

“Sunset No. 4”

F18 Paul Gross  - Photography

To view the artworks in the Earth and Air categories of Elements, visit Gallery Page 2.