Exhibits of artworks are held in the Kauffman and the Steinmetz Galleries in Strasburg and at LCAA Downtown, the LCAA's satellite gellery in the city of Lancaster, PA.


June 15- July 24

The LCAA National Juried Exhibition

The Juried Exhibition opened with a reception on Sunday, June 15. Awards were presented in five media categories plus a Best of Show.The Juried Exhibition continues through July 24. Admission is free.

Sponsor: James S. Gibson of the Gibson-Luckenbill Group, RBC Wealth Management

Award Winners

Best of Show

Best of Show Award Winner

Jane Yudelman of Maine for “Flow #8”, photography.


Oil Category

First Place in the Oil Category

First Place: Walt Curlee of Alabama for “Autumn Apple Harvest”

Second Place: Tricia Kaman of Ohio for “Kathryn in Red”

Third Place: Carol Tippit Woolworth of Delaware for “Grand Silos”


Watermedia Category

First Place in Watermedia Category

First Place: Richard Hamwi of Pennsylvania for “Nocturne”

Second Place: Robert Hofherr of Maryland for “In Worcester County”

Third Place: Elaina Posey of Pennsylvania for “Red”


Photography Category

First Place in the Photography Category

First Place: Kristin Fortna of Pennsylvania for “Girl with the Poppy Tattoo”

Second Place: Kathleen McLaughlin of California for “Rusty Waves”

Third Place: Jay Ressler of Pennsylvania for “From When She was So Young”


Other Media Category

First Place in Other Media

First Place: Teri Oja of Pennsylvania for “Finnish Meadow II”

Second Place: Francine Fox of Pennsylvania for “The West Rib”

Third Place: George M. Clark of Pennsylvania for “All American”


Sculpture & Ceramics Category

First Place in the Sculpture Category

First Place: Marie Riegle of Pennsylvania for “Blessed Be the Ties that Bind”

Second Place: Jungeun Sun of New Jersey for “Foliage”

Third Place: Clifford Blanchard of New Jersey for “Unfamiliar Fruit II”


LCAA member Ellen Slupe, Juried Exhibit judge Lilly Wei, and Gallery Director Carol Herr.

LCAA member Ellen Slupe, Juried Exhibition Judge Lilly Wei, and Gallery Director Carol Herr after reviewing the entries to the exhibit in April.

Juror: Lilly Wei

Lilly Wei is a New York-based art critic, writer and independent curator whose focus is contemporary art. Wei contributes to many publications in the United States and abroad and has written for Art in America since 1984. She is a contributing editor at ART news and a former contributing editor at Art Asia Pacific and frequently reports on international biennials and exhibitions. Wei has written numerous articles, reviews, essays and bookson contemporary and modernist artists. She serves on the board of several not for profit art organizations, including that of the International Association of Art Critics (USA). Her most recent curatorial project is “The Compromised Land: Recent Photography and Video from Israel” at the Neuberger Museum in Purchase, NewYork. Wei was born in Chengdu, China and has a MA in Art History from Columbia University, New York

“It was a pleasure to have juried the LCAA exhibition for 2014. I very much enjoyed looking at the rich diversity of the submissions, a diversity that encompassed both media and subject matter. While some have considered artists who live outside the centers of art to be disadvantaged, I have not found that to be the case. The work from elsewhere is fresh, often rooted in place, with much to tell us. As always, the choices are subjective; although based on years of looking, and not easily made. These selected works, therefore, reflect my biases. That said, I wish I could have included more, both in the show and as prize winners. In the end, the desire to make art is invaluable and in itself deserves our attention and applause.”
Lilly Wei


Aug. 10 - Sept. 11: Two Exhibits

In the Kauffman Gallery

The Dog Days


In the Steinmetz Gallery

Siang Hua WangSiang Hua Wang

Siang Hua Wang will be presenting oils and acrylics of landscapes, florals and still life paintings all done in his impressionist/fauvist styles.

Born in China, artist Siang Hua Wang and his parents later emigrated to Taiwan when communism took over mainland China.  Art and painting were his main interests throughout his life. He studied at the National Art College of Taiwan and Art University of Osaka, Japan. Mr. Wang has taught art and has displayed his works in several prestigious galleries in Taiwan, including Taiwan's National Museum Gallery of the Nation and the Keelung City Cultural Center.

In 1981, he took a tour of the United States with a visitor's visa. From New York, after calling a friend of his father in Lancaster, he arrived for a visit to the Amish countryside, literally walking away from his tour group. The scenery of the countryside farms in the county filled his heart, inspiring some of his landscape paintings, and he determined to stay in the USA.

Mr. Wang has since become a citizen, living in Lancaster, PA with his wife Joanne and two little dogs. He has 3 sons and a grandson.



Sept. 21 - Oct. 30: Two Exhibits

In the Kauffman Gallery

Fall Membership Show


In the Steinmetz Gallery

Eugenia Roumeliotis


Nov. 16 - Dec. 21: Two Exhibits

In the Kauffman Gallery

Holiday Show: Color It Red & Green


In the Steinmetz Gallery

Dan Bare

Receptions are held on the first date of the exhibition except for the Night Gallery VIII exhibit.

Entry fees for membership shows are $5 non-professionals & $10 professionals unless otherwise noted.

Watch your newsletter for changes to the schedule throughout the year.

Please note that drop off days are Friday, Saturday & Sunday for most shows.